3 Best Bike Tours In The World: Finding The Right One For You

It all starts with you. We know that when you come to an article about the 3 best bike tours in the world that you’re looking for someone else to tell you what to choose. It is amazing that people are looking towards other people to tell them what type of experiences that they need to have. We have a fundamental problem with that because we think that when you choose a bike tour that it needs to be something that is all about you as a person. It needs to fit your personality, your interest, your hobbies and all the things that you are looking for on a bike tour adventure.

Truthfully, no one can tell you what the three best bike tours in the world are but you. Only you know what will make you happy, what you are truly looking for, who you want to become by going on this bike tour and the type of things that you want to learn. Yes, you can find many places that will tell you and give descriptions about all the bike tours and those type of information sources are very much an official. You should take your values and what you’re looking for and find a bicycle tour that matches that. When you’re able to do that it ensures that you will have a very good experience. It will mean that you are not doing something cookie-cutter and just doing it because other people say that this is the best bike tour.


Our advice to you is to take a little bit of time and write out a list of attributes that you’re looking for on a bike tour. This could be location, how many miles per day you will have to travel, the type of food and shelter that will be available, the type of tourists type of things that you like to do, the part of the world that you like to be in and also the type of culture you want to experience. If you’re able to make this type of list and match it with a bike tour, you’re definitely going to be one happy camper. You will find exactly what you’re looking for, your bike tour will be more than just a vacation it will be something that will be memorable, it will be one of those magical experiences that you would tell people for very long time, you might become a better person because of it, you might get to live your best self by going on such an adventure. So this is why you should take your time to make the right choice, there’s a perfect bike tour out there for you, there might actually be more than three great bike tours that match everything that you’re looking for but start with what you’re looking for and then find the proper bike tour. It is sure to be a great time when you go about doing it in this way.

As you can see, this article is not just about the three best bike tours in the world but more about Finding the right bike tour for you. Finding that tour that is a great expression of your personality, who you want to be, the type of things that you want to see, what you want to learn, the environment that you want to be in and all those important things that will help create the perfect experience just for you. Please think about it in this way, it really is the best way to go about it and enjoy whatever tour you decide to go on.

Sometimes you need to get from the airport when you arrive in your destination to where your bike trip is going to start. One fantastic way to travel there and an option which is usually bike friendly is to take the local bus service from the airport to your starting point. Make sure to check the local bus routes and to book your bus tickets online.

The 3 Most Bike Friendly Cities

If you enjoy traveling and riding your bike, there are several things that you can do. You can look for excellent parks that you can write around or back trails around lakes and campsites. However, if you are the type of person that enjoys riding bikes around the city because you prefer that type of locale, here are a few strategies you can use in order to find the best bike-friendly cities and three of the best ones.

How To Find Bike Friendly Cities

What most people will do is they will search for these companies that provide reviews for people that like to travel. Some of them will be about campgrounds, whereas others will be about places that you can go hiking or fishing to name a few. Others will focus on where you can go bike riding, and these will be divided up into natural parks and cities. If cities are what you are looking for, you will find that many of the cities that are in the top three are going to be the same.

Chicago Illinois

One of the reasons for the popularity of bike riding in Chicago is that over 100 miles of new protected bike lanes have been created. This was based upon a promise that was made by the mayor of Chicago, one that he lived up to prompt much more people to ride bikes. It is not just the new bike lanes which take you into the downtown area, but all of the bike lanes that circumvent the city. It really is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States, and you can see all of this from your bike courtesy of these new protected bike lanes.

San Francisco California

Another city that has added a substantial number of bike lanes in San Francisco. This city, one of the most iconic in the world, is one that you can safely bike ride courtesy of these new quality back lanes. One of the most popular destinations is Market Street where there is a bike lane, one that has clocked over 1 million people. There are many others such as on Masonic Avenue, and there will soon be a protected bike lane on Second Street that people can use.

Portland Oregon


Portland is located very close to Vancouver, Washington, and both of these cities are absolutely iconic. Each one as a multitude of bridges used to cross the rivers, and it creates an incredible landscape of modern architecture. One thing that inspired many people to begin bike riding more was the bridge over the Willamette River. It is a destination that you should visit anyway, and if you can bring your bike with you, or rent a bike, it’s well worth cycling around the city.

Other Top Contenders To Consider

A few of the other top contenders include New York City, Seattle in the state of Washington, and Minneapolis. If you haven’t been to Texas, a great place to start is Austin where you can ride over the Colorado River, and there is also the beautiful city of Cambridge in Massachusetts. Regardless of where you go, there will always be places where you can do safe bike riding. The top three that have been presented are places you should consider traveling first if this is a hobby that you have decided to embark upon.

These are just a few of the many cities that are considered to be top contenders for the three most bike-friendly cities. The reason that they have reached this highly coveted position is that of the new protected bike lanes that have been installed. Obviously, places like Chicago which have recently been in the news for crime might not be the best places to bike ride unprotected. However, they have done well, and you can feel safe in Chicago, San Francisco, and certainly in Portland when you decide to ride your bike.

Another great place to rent bicycle and go on bike tours, is Cape Town. Cape Town has an amazing range of cool tours, mountain bike trails, stage races and rental options in and around the city. Cape Town is home to the famous Cape Epic mountain bike race which highlights only the tip of the iceberg in this cycling crazy town. They also host the Cape Argus Cycle Tour, which is now known as the Cape Town Cycle Tour. This event is the biggest timed event in sports anywhere in the world. You can catch both of these events on their satellite TV provider assuming that the Cape Town accommodation you are staying in has a DSTV installation present and TVs in each room.

3 Best Bike Brands

Do you really need an article on the 3 best bike brands? If you think about it you probably have all the information that you already need. What you probably need is a little bit of clarification and that is what this article is going to be about. We going to focus on that for some very important reasons. We will focus on it because we believe that you probably know how to Google very well and that you probably already know who the top bicycle brands are. You are looking for information on the best brands but instead, you’re looking for information on getting the most value on a bicycle for a good price. When it comes to that type of information we will definitely be able to help you.

Chasing value is what you should be after. For us, value means that you’re getting something of quality for the very good price. We all know that the top-of-the-line bicycles cost of a ton of money, they’re made out of the most lightweight parts, they have the best components on them and because of that, they’re very inexpensive. If you’re reading an article like this, then you probably are not in the market for a $5000 that you can take on the Tour de France. Instead, you probably are looking for a bike within the $300-$2000 range that meets what you’re looking for in a bicycle. Even within that range, there are probably people who are going to read this article and say that the lowest price we quoted in the highest price we quoted is much too high. So typically it comes down to what your budget can stand and the features and benefits that you are looking for. There really is not that much more to it.

One of the most important things that you need to look for is the type of components that your bicycle will have. What type a gearing will use, what type of shifters will use, what type of brakes will that use, or these quality parts are budget bottom parts? Are you looking for something that’s going to be reliable, something this can be very easy to use because you have decent components or are you just looking for anything that will get you down the road? All of these things matter when you’re trying to figure out which brand to purchase and which models will be good for you.

First, you need to establish your price range but realize that your price range might change as you learn what all is available. That something that typically happens because a person extends their budget to get something of a little bit better quality. So it all depends on what you are truly looking for. We suggest that you start with your budget and then find the top brand that offers a bicycle and that range. We also suggest that you look at the components and materials that will be used and also depend on ratings and reviews to make your final decision.


3 Reasons Why A Fold Up Bike Is Great For Commuting

With gas prices being so high many people are looking for alternative ways to get around the city. Some people have decided that public transportation is going to be their solution. Other people have decided that carpooling will be the thing that they will do. Others have not made up their mind yet. If you are reading this article, then you probably have made up your mind. You probably have decided that you want to ride a bicycle to get around town and you’re looking for the best type of bicycle that you can use for a daily commuter.

A fold up bike it’s one of the best choices for commuting for many different reasons. It is great because it gives you a smaller package that you can fold down and take into office buildings, city buses and even on your city train system. It makes it a lot easier to get around. If you have ever had to use your bicycle as your primary form of transportation, then you probably know how cumbersome it can become. But if you have a fold up bicycle you be able to break it down into a smaller form and you’ll be able to easily take it anywhere that you need to go.

When you have the right equipment you’re more likely to use it. Many people have the idea that they will start using a bicycle for commuting but what makes them not go through with it is that they don’t have the right equipment. They might buy a bicycle but the end up buying the wrong bicycle for what they need to do. They immediately realized that getting around by bicycle is not as easy as they think, not because of riding a bicycle is hard but because all the different places that they need to go, finding a place to put it in their office, finding a place to put it when they go to a store, getting on tour bus and having to carry a bicycle, all of these things come into play in these are the major things that make people not go through with it. But if you choose the right bicycle for the job it makes becoming a daily commuter all that much easier. So find the right bicycle and all of your problems will be erased.

Fold up bicycles are just more fun to use as a commuter bike. Not only is having a lightweight bicycle great for going into businesses, getting onto a bus or riding a train, is also a lot easier to maneuver on the road. A smaller bike will take up much less space on the road, it will be more nimble, you’ll be able to filter and and out of traffic a lot easier and it will have a more spirited ride.

These are the top reasons why a fold up bike is great for commuting. Choose the right one and you will be happy.

The 3 Best Fold up Bike Brands

Finding the right fold up bicycle doesn’t have to be this difficult thing to do. Matter fact, it is very easy to find a quality brand that will last a very long time. You just need to do a little bit of research and discover which brands will fit what you’re looking for. There many different brands out there and they’re not all created the same. Some of them are really good, some of them are pretty average but will be reliable and some are just not worth your time at all. Obviously, you’re looking for more of the first two, very good to average and reliable. Ultimately it comes down to your budget and the features and benefits that you are looking for. But know that the perfect bicycle for your budget and what you’re looking for is definitely out there and you will find it.

When it comes to the top brands, they all pretty much make quality bicycles. If you know who the popular brands of bicycle manufacturers are, then trust that they have a bicycle that will do well for you. Of course, they all make bicycles at different price ranges and that is true when it comes to folding up bicycles as well. You just really need to do your homework and see what all is out there. Look at the best examples, the most expensive, the averagely priced ones and even those at the lower end as well. By taking a look at all of them, you will learn what is out there on the market, what features and benefits they have, what parts and components are typically used, and importantly the price range. If you do this you’ll be very informed and then you can go onto finding what other people have to say.

Finding out what other people have to say when it comes to choosing a fold up bicycle is very important. People who have bought these bicycles are the people who are in the best position to give others information about it. If a good number of people have had similar experiences with a bicycle, then you are likely to have that type of experience as well. So if they bought is very cheap bicycle and it was not reliable, then that is likely to be your experience as well. The same is true is if they found a quality bike at a good price.

So search for quality ratings and reviews and use that to help determine which brands and models are going to be the best for you. For some you, a price will be the only thing that you care about but we always suggest that you look and move towards value more so than just price. We do not say this to try and force you to spend more money but instead to suggest that you get a bicycle that is of a little bit more higher-quality. Cheap bicycles simply do not work a long time. When it comes to a fold up bicycle you definitely want something that is quality because on the cheaply made ones the mechanism that allows it to fold up needs to be strong but on the cheap models that aren’t true and it can be a point of failure.

Take a look at this article and utilize the information because it will definitely help you find the perfect bicycle for you. There’s a great bicycle for everyone and just about every price level always look for the bike the gives you the most value for the best price.